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Do you feel like work or your personal life is too much to handle sometimes?


Are you running on empty?

Over it

Are you done with trying to figure it all out?

Ocean Rocks

Coaching can help.

"With Kat’s coaching, I have figured out how to manage and, in many ways, conquer my anxiety and fears.  We worked together as a team and Kat taught me how to stop negative thought patterns, reframe thoughts, and observe emotions rather than being overcome by them.  Working with Kat has helped me build confidence when challenging situations arise.  I am also able to maintain a sense of peace on a daily basis, create healthy boundaries, and sleep better. Working with Kat has helped me to become a happier and healthier person."

—Lisa H., Teacher in Chicagoland area

"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck."  
-  Mandy Hale

Feel more like yourself again

Relaxing by the Water

"Working with Kat was an amazing experience; she helped me get my mojo back! I'm happy and optimistic in my work, I've regained some old confidence, and I feel reconnected with my colleagues. With Kat's help and support, I was able to look inward to make some much needed changes." - Judi, Chicagoland area

Using the science behind how our brain works you can establish healthier thought patterns, develop better coping strategies, reduce stress and become more resilient.

A Better Life Is Just 3 Steps Away


You have a problem.

Together we will find solutions.

Let's get going- contact me now!


Let's talk it out.

We'll identify your barriers and uncover your relationship to stress. We will implement tried and true methods of taking control of your thinking, teaching you new habits and effective strategies.


Get Results.

Together we will get you the lighter, happier, more in-the-moment kind of life you want.

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