About Me

Kat Truman

CTA Certified Coaching Professional 

Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach

Certified Stress and Anxiety Management Coach

Licensed Physical Therapist


As a lifelong problem solver with a deep curiosity and compassion for people, I began my adult professional life as a Physical Therapist. During my over 20 year career, I routinely had patients tell me that they got as much benefit from talking with me about their lives as they did from the physical therapy they received. They would then joke that they needed to keep coming to therapy to continue with their life coaching sessions.  Truth be told, I enjoyed helping people from an emotional/coaching perspective more than I enjoyed being a PT. This was for two reasons: 1) I believe that coaching is my true calling in life, and 2) I was really struggling with burnout as a PT at that point in my career.  Anyone struggling with high stress/burnout can relate to the nightmare that it is. I still loved treating my patients and tried to provide the best care possible for them.  Unfortunately, I was utterly exhausted by pretty much everything else that being a PT entailed.  When I began to realize this I would lay awake at night, the struggle in my head between Coaching and Physical Therapy.  

Eight years ago I decided to give myself the chance to live the life that I truly wanted and followed my gut (and all of the people who had told me this for years), and became certified as a Life Coach.

I soon realized that helping the people who dedicate their lives to helping everyone else (healthcare professionals) was where my passion lived.  I've been there after all. I understand the struggles, frustration and toll that our dysfunctional system can take on you. Stress impacts all of us in 3 ways: physically, mentally and emotionally.  Being a Physical Therapist in addition to a Life Coach gives me unique insight into the challenges you face, and the solutions you need. 

I am at my best when I am helping others find the motivation and courage to overcome difficult circumstances, make necessary changes in their lives and eventually conquer the barriers that keep them trapped so they can live the lives they dream of.  I understand that change can be scary, overwhelming and even painful at times- even when we are the ones initiating it.  In a world that can sometimes feel isolating, I am your teammate. I will help you find the answers you are looking for and the confidence you need to weather the transition to come out the other side.