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My Other Mission...

Helping animals
A percentage of all proceeds will be donated to animal charity organizations.

Animals are the best.  Whenever I think back on some of the happiest, funniest and toughest times in my life, there was almost always a furry family member there beside me. Squeak was my first pet, a guinea pig for an anxiety ridden 8 year old girl whose dad had just passed away. Soft, gentle and very tolerant of petting (provided enough carrots were available) she was the perfect pet. She also proved to be very entertaining to my brother and me when she would participate in our mock Monday Night Football broadcasts as a color commentator. You never knew how funny she was until you played the tape back and could hear all of her well placed little squeaks in the background.  It was funny until she ran under my bed and was lost for 2 hours in the clutter that accumulated from when I would "clean" my room.

Then there was Hank, the golden retriever that gave a 16 year old girl who had just moved to a new state and school a best friend to come home to every day. Incidentally, it's worth mentioning that Hank was also responsible for that same girl getting to drive the "cool car" in the family after throwing up in the gear shift on the way to the vet. It smelled so bad that nobody else wanted to drive it. Thanks Hank. You really were amazing.

And finally there is Magic, a gorgeous retriever/shepherd rescue dog who licked away all of our tears when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, who selflessly allowed hospice patients to run over her feet with wheelchairs and walkers without flinching while providing a little cheer and comfort in their last days.

There have been other animals in and out of my life, all of which were loving and beautiful little creatures who made my life better. To them and all of the other animals in the world, this is for you.

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