Not a Healthcare Professional?

I can help.

"With Kat’s coaching, I have figured out how to manage and, in many ways, conquer my anxiety and fears.  We worked together as a team and Kat taught me how to stop negative thought patterns, reframe thoughts, and observe emotions rather than being overcome by them.  Working with Kat has helped me build confidence when challenging situations arise.  I am also able to maintain a sense of peace on a daily basis, create healthy boundaries, and sleep better. Working with Kat has helped me to become a happier and healthier person."

—Lisa H., Teacher in Chicagoland area

Stress does not only effect healthcare professionals.

Many people have had their limits tested- especially over the past year.

In every industry and from every walk of life.

Using the science behind how our brain works, you can get your life back.

The Power of Change

Disclaimer: All coaching interventions provided are based in well researched scientific principles, but are not intended to be the primary treatment of a diagnosed mental illness.  Notifying your physician of your intention to utilize coaching to support treatment of your mental health diagnosis is highly recommended.