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Find Peace and Positivity in the Holiday Season.

With the holiday season upon us what better time to discuss ways to find more enjoyment in life. It’s a stressful time of year for many people for many different reasons. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1) Start by going out of your way to notice the positives and showing gratitude for them. The week of Thanksgiving is the perfect reminder to do this. Studies show that people who consciously make themselves aware of what they are grateful for have better physical and mental health. 2) Fill your tank: hang out with your close friends, work on a craft or house project or lay on the couch and read a book (with your dog. Or cat. :) ). Whatever it is that makes you happy - work some of that into your day. 3) Take the time to process any emotions that come up. Experiencing the holidays without the loved ones we’ve lost can be very difficult. Give yourself some time, space and patience to work through this. 4) Prioritize and be aware of what is truly important. I have to remind myself of this one repeatedly. Yes, you want your house to be clean for guests (or find the perfect gift, or make the perfect dinner and dessert etc), but honestly the main goal is to spend time together. Nobody cares that much about the rest of it, so draining all of your energy on that stuff doesn’t do anyone any good. 5) Set healthy boundaries in all areas of your life. Protect what is important: getting enough sleep, eating right, exercise, time to decompress, time with loved ones. Good luck!

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