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How Sugar Impacts our Mental Health

Feeling tired? Having difficulty remembering some things? Been sore or grumpy lately? It might be sugar. This was incredibly difficult for me to learn as I am somewhat of an ice cream addict. But knowledge is power, and in this case- good health. Our brain uses sugar (glucose) as it’s primary fuel source, but excessive sugar in our diet has been shown to have damaging effects. It impairs self control and our ability to focus. It exacerbates anxiety, feelings of sadness and depression. Sugar hinders mental capacity and induces brain shrinkage. A recent study showed that increased sugar intake was linked to lower scores on cognitive function tests. High amounts of sugar in our diet reduces chemicals in our brain essential for new memory formation and learning. A reduction in those chemicals has also been linked to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Sugar also increases inflammation throughout our body. There is a mountain of evidence that many diseases are rooted in inflammation. Brain scans are confirming the similarities between sweeteners and highly addictive drugs. Sugar acts like an addictive substance, lighting up the same areas of your brain as drugs like cocaine. Carrot sticks anyone?

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