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Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone.

Life Coaching explained (at long last).

I am often asked “What is Life Coaching?” Or “What does a Life Coach do exactly?”

Life coaching is a process by which people are helped to discover solutions that best fit the issues they are struggling with, to reach their full potential and achieve what they want out of their personal and professional lives. To be direct, it’s for people who have things they’d like to change or improve and who are willing to take action to do it.

Most of our lives we have gone it alone, tasked with figuring out what we should do with our lives, how to be happy, have good relationships and reach our potential in every aspect of our existence. Most of us have never really been taught how to deal with life’s issues from anyone other than our parents (who were probably never trained in any of this either).

It would seem absolutely crazy for someone to expect to be the best athlete in a particular sport without ever consulting a coach. Someone to assess their skill set, perfect their technique, create a training regimen - all the while accounting for what individually motivates them to be their best. Not to mention planning strategies for goal achievement and overcoming obstacles (both opponents and self sabotage). How successful in meeting their goal are they likely to be if their only formal training came from just watching how other people played the sport and maybe having a few conversations with people in their family?

Why should the rest of our lives be any different?

I’m not saying that people aren’t capable of being successful in life without a coach. Coaching isn’t for everyone, but the odds of being successful significantly increase when using a coach (as supported by the research).

Many ultra successful people and organizations have figured out the value of coaching. Oprah, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Hugh Jackman, Eric Schmidt (just to name a few), in addition to over 30% of all Fortune 500 companies use coaching, touting the benefits and effectiveness of it.


  • Helps you establish a path to the life you want.

  • Identifies crystal clear goals and formulates a strategic plan to get you there, giving you an accountability partner along the way.

  • Is very action and goal driven. It focuses on who/where you are now, and what you'd like to achieve.

  • Helps you become unstuck or unfrozen, moving you in the direction you want to go.

  • Gives you a trained and unbiased outside perspective.

  • Challenges you to be your best, while supporting you in getting there.

  • Can help with big decisions and transitions.

  • Answers questions of “How do I change,” or “What's next”?

  • Can help with issues of stress and burnout, relationships, communication skills or finding a new career (just to name a few).

If you or someone you know would like more information about coaching, please contact me at:

331 979-1722.

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