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1:1 Coaching sessions customized to you and your goals.

Healthcare Education Programs

Give students the tools needed to be successful in a challenging program and work environment.


Impact your bottom line by reducing the stress and strain on your greatest asset- your employees.


For Individuals

Wish You Could Stop Your Mind From Turning Over and Over With Negative Thoughts and Stress?  Feel like everything is a struggle, sapping your energy and sucking the joy out of your life?




Re-energize Package:

45 minute sessions, 8 sessions per package

What we work on:

Step 1:  What's important to you?  We'll start by taking a look at who you are, what you love about your personal and professional lives, identifying important aspects and details that give you satisfaction, energy and purpose. This step helps us identify things that are important to you and that foster positive energy and emotions in your life.

Step 2: The challenges you face. We will uncover the things in your life that are causing you stress at work and at home: relationships with superiors and co-workers, productivity standards, organization, time management, difficulty achieving work-life balance, inability enjoying and be in the present moment- just to name a few.  Being able to clearly identify our challenges helps us design an effective and specific plan to eliminate them.  This step keeps us laser focused on where we will take action.


Step 3: Your role in all of this. Here we will examine potential thought patterns, self talk/criticism, awareness of emotions, triggers and habits that magnify stress and worry. We will examine the ways in which you handle stress, rooting out successful and unsuccessful strategies. Maybe you are the person in everyone's life that they run to when they need a favor, knowing you would never say no. This is obviously a very noble characteristic, but can also drain your energy and amp up your stress very quickly.  

Step 4: New Habits.  First, we will set the foundational pieces- educating and encouraging you in scientifically based strategies that reduce stress and anxiety. Then through high level coaching techniques we will brainstorm new ways of handling challenges, re-wire your thinking, improve your self awareness and give you a tailor made "go to" plan of action that will allow you to feel less burdened, fully engaged and happier with your life and career.   This step is critical, as so many times people keep trying the same strategies expecting a different result. Meaningful change comes from changing ourselves. 

Step 5: Pulling the trigger.  Armed with a renewed sense of confidence and self awareness, goal firmly in sight and detailed plan in hand, you are ready to give yourself the life you want.

Imagine sleeping soundly through the night before an important presentation at work, or spending time with the people who are important to you- being fully engaged and enjoying the moment instead of having 25 other things on your mind.

Imagine feeling confident and secure in the fact that you will handle anything that comes your way - even in unexpected circumstances.

For Colleges and Universities with Healthcare Programs

As with most aspects of the medical field, prevention reigns supreme. Giving our healthcare students the valuable tools they need to be resilient, healthy and productive people in preparation of entering an incredibly stressful profession is not only the right thing to do, but is our moral and ethical duty.


It's much easier to teach someone to swim before they are drowning.

Coaching and resilience training can produce the following benefits for performance at school and in preparation of entering the workforce:

- Improved stress levels.

- Improved time and energy management.

- Improved problem solving skills.

- Improved graduation rate.

- And much more!

Call or email me for more information about coaching and training for healthcare programs.

 For Organizations:

Employees are not just employees. They are people. People have emotions, physical issues and lives outside of work.  All of these factors can impact each other, and they can definitely impact how much energy and attention those people have to bring to their jobs.  Supporting employees in all of who they are makes them into more productive, motivated, creative team members at work.

Imagine having happier, healthier and more resilient employees- which equates to less time, money and energy on training and "getting people up to speed."

Imagine having better hiring practices so that you are absolutely sure that you are selecting the best possible employee.

Imagine having physically and emotionally healthier employees who do not call in sick as often, who make fewer errors, think creatively and independently, and who have improved communication and problem solving skills .

Please call or email me for workshop, group and individual coaching options

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